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Debunking Myths Around CBD Oil

For quite some time, cannabis has been put in the wrong light because of the frequent association with marijuana. Most people think that individuals who purchase products coming from the cannabis plant want to get the high feeling. However, not everything is right in this statement.

The cannabis plant offers so much potential because of the many kinds of compounds found in it. One of them is CBD or cannabidiol. It is a dominant component that can provide users with so many health benefits. And now it’s time to give recognition to this product by debunking myths around them.

  • CBD makes people high. This is not true for the most part. Consumption of pure CBD oil does not automatically give people the psychoactive effect because CBD does not have that effect. But it can be possible for people to get high by adding in substances that contain high THC levels. These can be in the form of THC oils as well.

  • CBD Oil is not fit for pets. There is an impressive amount of research and studies that contribute to the body of knowledge regarding the benefits of cbd for pets. Most of these suggest that it is perfectly safe for pets to consume pure CBD because it does not leave any unwanted side effects. Instead, they’re healthy for the friendly beasts because CBD oil has so many health benefits that can work for them as well.
  • CBD is just a placebo. It’s to debunk this information. CBD oil has gone through many laboratory studies where it is continuously proven to have positive side effects. There are varieties of studies that aim to see the impact of CBD on different kinds of health issues. Time and again, CBD oil has been proven to minimize nausea and vomiting, regulate hormonal production, relieve pain, and even stopping the growth of tumors.

How to choose the best CBD vape oil?


Vaping or Inhaling CBD oil is one of the fastest ways to ingest the CBD or cannabidiol compound. CBD compound was proven to benefit the body in many ways. Nowadays, many companies offer best cbd vape oil products that confuse consumers on which to purchase. Vape oil is produced by increasing the viscosity of the CBD oil.

There are factors to consider in choosing the best CBD vape oil, including:

  • Price and Quality

The first thing that consumers believe is the price of the product. They always prefer the cheaper ones but does not neglect the quality and effectiveness of the product. Maintaining the efficiency of one product and its low price will attract more consumers.

  • Extraction Methods

The extraction methods will tell the purity of the CBD oil produced. The supercritical extraction of CBD oil produces the CBD oil that is a full-spectrum CBD-rich product. This specific method produces cleaner taste and prevents the growth of mycotoxins. Supercritical extraction is done by subjecting carbon dioxide under high pressure and low temperatures to obtain a pure medicinal oil.

  • Source

The source of the plant in which it is extracted is associated with the quality of the oil produced. The process of cultivation and the cultivation environment reflects the essence of the plant that is used to obtain the CBD oil. The hemp plant can absorb contaminations from the cultivation soil that will lessen the purity of the oil produced.

  • Bioavailability

The CBD products created and manufactured by many companies are subjected to degradation and decrease in bioavailability when consumed. Bioavailability depends on the overall formulation and process of production. The highest bioavailability is proved by the sublingual application or administering the CBD oil under the tongue.

  • Greenwashing Tactics

Some companies promote their CBD product by adding antioxidant features and many others to attract more consumers. However, to experience the effect of this added feature, the person should intake a lot of the CBD product.